sketchbook project finished and sent

I finished my sketchbook and sent it off to New York earlier this week! This is for the Art House co-op's Sketchbook 2011 project. I decided I wanted to upload all my pages here on my blog, in a row, as I did them so I would have a record of my entire project here. If you have been following along, there are some new pages I have not shared until now at the bottom of the post. You can click on any scan for more details.

I mailed my sketchbook 1-11-11 !!

My theme: This is not a sketchbook  : ^  )

intro page - I added color to it before sending it off
It was plainer, if you saw it previously

journaling - I have not really done an art journal before .  . .


. . . This is my favorite page in the whole journal . . .
Working with strips was an inspiration from Mary Green

journaling about some of what we went through to move to Florida

I journaled about my mom, Steven and Frieda . . . 

Steven's boat refinishing worked it's way into my journaling!

This is our new home, shown on the left

Art Challenges - this one for Michelle Ward

Mary Green's influence on my art again  : ^ ) I love it!

More exercises, a class I was taking with Mary
this page made the home page of the Art House co-op site

I look at this and say, 'my wild collage style'
I do like it

my friend Sharon Borsavage did the tall tower of art on the left -

I had fun layering, stamping and cutting pages

my mother, myself

I'd say this is true 'lenna art' -almost messy collage style

one of Mary's Collage Club exercises

getting ready to let this journal FLY!!

wrapping it up!

I have so enjoyed sharing this project with you.
Thanks for all your support, all your comments, and all your love!