the next start

Above is what happened today after looking into the Strathmore 
Visual Journal Online Workshops I had registered for! 
I really had forgotten about them until my friend Joanna mentioned them.
These workshops are free and while they are not "live" anymore.
the information and videos are up online until August 1st!

The left side with the circles came about from watching one of Linda Blinn's video lessons in the 2nd workshop. The right side is a small section of a very large piece of fabric-paper I created following my dear friend Frieda's instructions. Wonderful!! It is fabric that is stamped, dyed with fabric paint and collaged with paper. I saw it folded up under my work table and thought -ah ha! This would be great to add to my journal. Lord knows there is plenty of it! I tackled a much larger piece of fabric that I really should have . . . can you image I would do something like that? ha! Here is a good photo showing how large it is: Fabric-paper project. I have cut into this huge piece now, so it is not quite that size anymore, but it is still quite large!

I cut a section to fit and used Yes Glue to attach it to my journal. 

The small photo incorporated into the fabric paper top right page is me with cool white sunglasses, on my grandfather's boat in Florida, circa 1965?

I grabbed my circle template and drew inside with watercolor crayons.
On the video Linda talked about how doing something like this
will help take away that "blank page" fear and hesitancy.

I have used decorative tape on either side of my fabric paper,
because I did not cut it quite big enough, a good mistake!
Good, because I like the tape!!

I used my Niji Water Brush to activate all that good watercolor crayon paint!

That's it for now, we'll see what happens tomorrow!
Thanks very much for looking and for your comments, when you can.
It's great for me to know that sharing my experience of jumping into 
has been helpful and even inspirational . . . . very cool! 
thank you.