Dorthe, me and mail art!

I met Dorthe Hansen I believe, in one of Mary Green's vintage paper collage classes. Dorthe was always so kind to me. I found her blog and visited her - she creates beautiful things and has a warm & lovely spirit. Dorthe often visits my blog too, but is very busy with her shop, Den Lille Lade - located where she lives on a Danish Island in the Baltic Sea.

One day Dorthe remarked in a comment on my blog, how much she like the mail art I did for an exchange and that she had never received any. I thought to myself, ah ha! I could send Dorthe some mail art! I asked her for her address. It took me a little bit of time, but I made a simple mail art envelope and enclosed some lace and things I thought she might like or could use for her dolls or collage. I heard her birthday was coming up and that really spurred me on. Below is what I sent Dorthe; this simple card I made held my goodies for her:

 My envelope for Dorthe, front and back:
Yes, this card was going on a journey, to the Baltic Sea!
Dorthe wrote about receiving this envelope along with some other lovely gifts HERE.

Yesterday, I was honored by receiving from Dorthe, her first piece of mail art, which is absolutely gorgeous, look!!

And not only did I have the beautiful envelope to gaze at, but inside Dorthe added a special handmade card with a beautiful driftwood angel she made attached! 
Thank you so much, Dorthe. 
It was certainly my pleasure to send you your first mail art! 
: ^  ) lenna

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