water soluble crayon *play*

{ art journal July 18 + 19 }

It all started here . . . 

I activated the crayons by misting with water . . .

Then more water . . . 

I really had fun watching it run . . . .

Then I dried the wet paint a bit with my heat gun . . .

let it dry some more.

Then, I let my art journal sit. In the back of my mind I thought about what I might do next. It came to me. I would write how I felt about doing this project, especially since I had some questions recently on how to start, what to do?

Also as a reminder for myself.

Personally, I love how this paint from the crayons looks! 

The paper in this

Strathmore Visual journal

is fantastic.

I did the writing on the fly without practicing or thinking too much about what I was going to say, because I wanted to do it that way. It was a little hard for me but I like how it came out and I think I like this "journaling" in my art journal : ^ ).  I certainly would have not thought I would be doing as much writing as I have been doing recently when I started. 

see Asia running in the top right corner on the grass??? ; ^ )

why don't you dive in, the water is great! 

Larger photos, more steps

here on flickr.