everything old is new again

That is what happened to me today -see the title! I found an old piece of watercolor paper I had used a long time ago as a backdrop, something to work on top of while making ATCs or something. Perhaphs when I lived in CT and was traveling here to visit my parents. I obviously was using watercolor crayons in my work at the time and I never could throw out this scrap paper because I liked the colors so much. I used it to test my writing recently and then today I saw it and thought I would simply add it to my art journal and keep it forever!

I've still got the watered down halo pink gold lumiere thing going on.
I told you I was addicted! I did that last night.

I think the "old" paper looks pretty good in here.
Much better than tossing it out!

I considered putting the other half of this scrap paper on the other side and auditioned it.
But i decided against it. Instead, I looked at some quotes I had printed out.
They were still on my table top, rejected for use in another project.

This quote below caught my eye and captured how I felt, click for details. 
I cut it out, ran it  through my xyron and stuck it to my journal page.
Then used a bit of charcoal pencil to integrate the scrap paper into the journal.

After I stuck the quote down I had a eureka moment. I had just visited Lucas Boatworks, where my husband is part of a team of men that build and refurbish boats. Inside one of the boats Steven was showing me, he found a spider web! He called me over to photograph it (he is getting used to my photography ways). I took a couple photos and had already downloaded them and seen the spider web ones. I printed one onto a Transparency film, tried it out and thought it was perfect! 

almost done . . .  I decided to add journaling to the empty space.

A scan: click for detail.
I just realized that Picasso's quote is not only talking about a spider web, but a scrap of paper! No wonder this quote appealed to me. 

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