sketchbook project 2012: blue to purple

More progress. I am just going to share the photos I took while working along, if you have any questions please leave a comment and let me know. I'd be happy to answer. 
If you are just joining me with this project you can read this post and ALL the others tagged with Sketchbook Project 2012 by clicking here. If you reach the bottom of the page and want to read more, click on Older Posts! Ok, here goes . . . . the photos start with the other side of the painted blue pages I last ended with. I rubber stamped and I wrote - on the fly. Click to enlarge.

I really am talking to myself, but it goes with my theme -
the encyclopedia of how and why!

moving from the blue section to the purple section . . . 
This is a single page that flips over revealing another folded section. The photo is me at 20 years old and one of my favorites. I realize now I also included it in my Sketchbook 2011 project. Hmm, perhaps I should include it in every sketchbook project?? 

The purple pages are not done yet, but started. For me, that is KEY. Just START! I will be back with more, of course.... after I finish the purple section, there is only the brown section left. I think I will be sending this off a month early -whoo hoo! To find out more about the Sketchbook Project, I will direct you to the Special Edition project which is still open for registration at this time. Visit the Art House Co-op - I encourage you to join! And, I will leave you with one of the songs I was listening to while creating this, I hope you enjoy.

yours creatively, lenna young