sketchbook project 2012: next section

I have started into the next section that I created in my 2012 Sketchbook, which is due January 31st. The special edition sketchbook (due April 30th) has already arrived so I am deinitely interested in working along in the 2012 project!! Plus it is fun. While you can still join the Sketchbook Project Special Edition, the 2012 deadline has passed. Below you'll see my photo diary of moving from the first folded section of pages (green) to the next folded section (blue). If you are just joining me, I removed the pages of my sketchbook, taped then together into longer sections and re-bound my book before starting. 

 I worked on the painted surface I had prepared and used rubber stamps with white ink -fabrico or versacraft. I also used a white sakura glaze pen, stickles glitter and sand from the beach.

I added a photo from my Nia movement class, held on the beach.

The entire spread of pages, first side.

A view of my sketchbook from above . . .

close up . . . i love the blue painted bankground

what are you doing?? whatever it is, dive in! : ^ ) lenna