Playing with paint in my journal

If I don't have an idea to get me started working in my art journal, then playing with paint is a sure fire way to get me to dive in. Start by squeezing acrylic paint right on your journal page.

I use various combs (example) made for moving paint and sometime I hand make my own. Take a piece of cardboard or an old plastic card and cut the edges with notches.

I love the patterns and colors you can make

And it is fun and relaxing

I liked the paint patterns so much that I did not want to cover them up much

So I left it at that!

It was good just to play creatively and that is what my journal is for . . .  It's filling up! 

This month I have been concentrating my efforts and time on a re-build (entirely new) of my creativelenna WEBSITE... The one that has been around since 1995 -yikes! 19 years. I am making good progress but it takes time and I want to be sure I get everything I want to keep from my old site, over to the new. I am building it on a squarespace platform which has been a great experience so far -highly recommended. When I am done, the new website will have the same URL: as I will be transferring the domain over to the new site. You will easily be able to find it and I will send an announcement out. But I do have another spread of pages to share here and will return soon!