Novel Approach is the online workshop I am taking with Tammy Garcia. Thank goodness it is work-at-your-own-pace! I have had a busy past few weeks with my 59th birthday, Steve's 60th birthday, friends visiting from out of town and staying with us, plus lots of art and other commitments. I was happy to find my way back to these lessons! Since this is a paid workshop I cannot say much about the techniques - you need to take the workshop yourself! But I will share a few pages in my Altered Book with you. This one is my Science book.  Click on any photo/then use the side arrows for a larger photo :)

Happy Lenna holding her page

with Steven's drawing! 

The best part?? That was when I shared the page  with my husband and he said, "Well, where's the Sandhill Cranes?". Then he offered to draw one for me! I was truly overjoyed. 

Steve drew a Sandhill Crane

to go with my weather report! 


It felt very good to do this . . . . check out Elizabeth Gilbert's podcast on creativity if you haven't already. "Elizabeth believes everyone can be creative, and should be brave about it."

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein