Letter Journals - my First!

My First Letter Journal: April 2nd, 2016

A few weeks ago I got an invitation from Sue Maher to join a group on Facebook called "Letter Journals". I did not even know what a letter journal was when she asked! But being curious, I went to the group to find out more about them before joining up. From one of the group's moderators, Jade Herriman -

An envelope sized hand made journal (little paper booklet) that gets sent around a small group while people add art to it. While your journal is circulated by mail, the other members of your swap group circulate theirs and you work on theirs while they work on yours. Or EVERYONE IN THE SWAP MAKES ONE and gets theirs back at the end. That’s it in a nutshell.
— Jade Herriman

Many of the members are international and so the first thing I needed to do was sort out the size of the Letter Journal in US terms. It was not hard, after watching Jade's video I figured out the booklet needed to be approx 8" x 4" and made from fairly thin papers to keep the weight down. It was similar in a way to the many Round Robins I did in the past that used Altered Books for a base, but this was instead a small, flat , easy to mail handmade booklet. I was IN! My FIRST Letter journal that I made is below, along with an award Jade gave me! Click on the photos below for full screen -use the side arrow to scroll through easily . . . 

The idea is to finish a page but prepare some backgrounds for others to work on before sending it off. I found it was really a great experience making my first letter journal! Now it is off travelling the world :0) I sent it to Anne in Germany who has received it & sent it to Joanne in Australia, who will send it to Evelyn in Ohio, who will send it home to me! They will all add their artwork on a page or two before sending it on, how wonderful for me. At the same time, I have received Evelyn's and sent in on to Anne, and will receive Joanne's & Anne's to work in. I have more Letter Journals to share with you and will do so in separate posts . . .  between this new project, my Art Swap and working on redesigning my website & blog, I have been busy! If you are using a blog reader, hop over to the website to see the changes, I think you will like them, especially the main page of the blog. The Site Navigation is found by clicking on the 3 black info bars on the left side. Enjoy exploring and thanks for your interest in my passion . . . 

Art is too much fun to be restricted to those who are good at it.
— Elaine Normandy