Letter Journal #4: color & texture


This is the 4th Journal I've created for the Invitation-Only "Letter Journal Love" Group. There are four of us in this particular exchange who will be working in my journal you that see here AS WELL AS their own Journals they have created. This group was organized by Kelli Rootes. Our journals will travel to California, Australia, Scotland & Florida -it's an International exchange!


My Cover For this Letter Journal was made out of fabric.

See the front & back covers below - The size is about 8" x 4". 

I had the fabric piece -a fabric/paper collage, already on hand . . . I created it last year and had not done anything with it until now. If you are interested in how I made it, follow this link to another post! The inside pages were made of a variety of papers and techniques. The idea is to prepare some pages as backgrounds for others to add to/collaborate and to finish a page or two yourself in each Letter Journal. 

What I like best about making these journals is that I am already in the habit of diving in, looking for things that might work and putting them together a bit at a time on the fly. I work freely, going with what is inspiring me at the moment. I love that feeling. I trust that I will find things to create the journal once I start. It is so lovely that the group online where we share our art and gather mailing groups is friendly, helpful, encouraging & so inspiring. It is a small group and as I said, invitation only. Now, if you and I are friends and I know of your art -- if we've shared art or exchanged and I can vouch for you, then it is possible that I can recommend you to the moderators. But otherwise, I'm so sorry! It is not a public group. An alternative if you are interested in finding out more: One of the moderators has created a series of how-to videos (3) on Letter Journals and you can find them here

I made an envelope this time out of scrapbook paper, added rubber stamps and off it went to Fran today, 5/12/2016 :o) 

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.
— Pablo Picasso