Index-Card-A-Day 2016

Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow Art organizes a superb creative challenge every year that I love participating in called Index-Card-A-Day or ICAD for short! Go to the Daisy Yellow Art link above to find out all about it. It's easy! All you need is a stack of 61 Index Cards and a willingness to commit a smidgen of time each day to write, draw, doodle, paint, collage, sew, sketch, stamp, print, whatever your heart desires! It's not a competition or a swap, it is a project that helps you feel freer about creating. It is a challenge to help you step up to the plate as far as being there. It's fun and there is also sharing, optional themes and camaraderie. What are you waiting for?? Go find out about it HERE!!  It starts June 1 - July 31 ☀

Making space {both physical + figurative} for creativity is not a guilty pleasure.
Let there be zero art guilt from today forward.
— Tammy Garcia

Quote is from this blog post -I liked it so much I saved it!