Collage in Altered Books

I've been continuing to work in a couple of Altered books under the guidance of Tammy Garcia and her "Novel Approach" online workshop. I really like how she has presented the course, building skills & inspiring ideas as we go. Plus, I love the fact that it is truly, a work-at-your-own pace class. I was extra busy for a while and had not been able to concentrate on moving through the material like I did when I first started, but now after diving back in, I am excited to complete the last few lessons. I would encourage you to check this workshop out via the link above -it's well worth it. This post will share some of my collage art in an Altered book, without reference to any instructions because that's what the workshop is for! :) Thanks, Tammy.

I like the photo above because it shows an earlier lesson on the left - note the EXHALE across the top. Then look at the newer page, bottom right. I am holding the same book, the one I am working in, open to the Exhale page! :) what fun!

That lesson went pretty well for me, but I struggled between too plain/not busy enough . . . and perhaps too busy by the time I was done with it. I suppose both the beginning, the getting there pages as well as the "done" page all have their merit! Some people may prefer one to the other and I enjoy doing them all. But before moving forward with the lessons which I know will include more collage and then other techniques, I decided to try another collage in my Altered Book. 

I purposely ripped all the images out of a magazine and tried to keep my use of other papers to a minimum; these were my own constraints. My husband did not like this spread of pages as much as the first one I tried, but I think I like this one better!

And the bottom line?

 . . . .  I got to Express Myself! oh happy day! 

To me, the body says what words cannot. I believe that dance was the first art.
I believe that dance was first because it’s gesture, its communication. That doesn’t mean it’s telling a story, but it means it’s communicating a feeling, a sensation to people. Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body.
— Martha Graham, 1985