It's been a while. I re-vamped a painting!

The other day I got the desire to re-vamp this painting I did for Steven 2 years ago. I just felt like adding to it as it did not seem done yet. Below is a before & after photo with the original painting on the right and how I added to it on the left. Click on the image for a larger picture.

I started with oil pastels in big swirling moves. I did not remove the painting from the wall, I simply stood on our bed and worked! Next I got some acrylic paints and used my fingers to spread it around. Lastly I carefully used some spray inks and caught some drips with a rag as they quickly raced down to the bottom of the painting. 

The finished painting (for now!)

I am much happier with this painting now. It has a bit more substance and depth and it is more pleasing to look at. After I did it I thought, what would Steve think?? I made it for him!  He was actually quite happy I added more to it, yeeha! It is a pretty large canvas, 40" wide x 30" tall, and probably one of the larger canvases I've worked on. I create more collage than painting or drawing, but both times I have worked on this painting, I enjoyed the challenge & the large canvas. Do YOU challenge yourself regularly, or do you stick to what you know & love? I think I generally stick to doing variations on something I am comfortable with. I do think it is good to stretch to doing something not so comfortable!!

close up details, top right

I find it curious that this is my first post in 4 months, how can that be? In fact, I have created a lot during that period, just not posted about it on my blog. I finished 61 cards for the annual Daisy Yellow Index-Card-A-Day challenge and I got back into posting a photo a day to my Blipfoto Photo Journal. I joined the Daisy Yellow Circle Workshop, which is designed to reinforce & inspire daily creativity and I post on a private group for this. On the home-front, we adopted a beautiful new cat we named Luna, to keep our other cat Lightning company. I got busy with other things and because I was already uploading my art & photos elsewhere - not on my blog, I let that go. But I never cut it out of my mind entirely! I figured when the time was right and I wanted to share something here again, I would! 

If anyone is out there reading this, I hope that you have been well. Let me know via a comment if you feel like it, as I would love to hear from you! Remember comments are always moderated, but they will be published as soon as possible. Thank you! And keep on arting on.