nature printing and more

This is my "urban journal remix" journal, the one I made in an online class with Roben-Marie Smith - that she offers for free! If you are new to my blog, this journal started as a ledger book (Steve's grandfather's). Roben-Marie instructed us on how to take all the pages out, which I saved. They were just too lovely to pitch and some have already been recycled. She guided us through adding new, blank pages into the old covers of the book. It had been a while since I made a book, sewing signatures in and everything like that, but I quite enjoyed it!

Now I am filling the blank pages with my journal art. The 2nd page I did in this journal used high flow acrylics, tissue paper, stencils, a white signo pen and ink. Also a few "art pops" rounds. It was a wild exploration of what would happen if I did . . . this? And it was fun!

  The page I finished today is right next to the one above. I started yesterday with a simple background of Distress Oxide Inks and today added collage and nature printing! 

both pages side by side

both pages side by side

❤ You can view all of the pages in this journal I'm working on HERE. I will continue to add to this Gallery as I fill the journal up!

If you know exactly what you are going to do, then what is the point of doing it?
— Pablo Picasso