oxide ink pads

I first ran into Distress Oxide ink pads when I took a nature print/gelli plate workshop with JoAnn Campisi at Selby Gardens this past August. In fact, I enjoyed this class so much, I'm going to return in November and take it again! JoAnn had these same Distress Oxide Ink pads in class for us to use and with her encouragement, I tried them out for the first time. They react with water in an interesting way! Here are two prints I made in class:

Printing ferns on a gelli plate with Distress Oxide Inks

Printing ferns on a gelli plate with Distress Oxide Inks

I often find a new art supply can be invigorating, so I searched out the Distress Oxide ink pads and bought several, in a number of colors. I've been enjoying trying them out because the shades of ink are so different from any other ink pads I have. Plus, it's interesting to watch them react (oxide!) when I spritz them with water. I used these ink pads again today when adding my artmarks to a small pocket journal page: 

I really did not want to cover the architectural drawing on the right, so the "fossilized amber" ink worked perfectly. I added a bit of "worn lipstick" ink around the edges on top of the amber and then spritzed the page with water. I liked the effect! On the left side, I started with "worn lipstick". Then I stenciled with the amber and spritzed all. I used a white uniball Signo pen to doodle. Fun! Quick! These tiny pages are a blast to art up :o) 

  • You can find all of my pocket journal pages HERE! Thanks for stopping by, I love to share. ❤

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