Double Exposure page!


an example of . . .

a double exposure (layered) photo

I’ve finally gone through my double exposure photos and made a Gallery on my website to share them with you. Many people have told me how much they like these layered photos and I find them so interesting and such creative fun to make! I’ve used Photoshop to create a number of them, but I’ve also used PicMonkey (basic is free). If you look at their blog they give tutorials on double exposures and lots of other things. The Diana Photo app is great fun for double exposures on your phone or tablet. It’s easy to use! You can find a link to check this app out here. I like using all of these methods to create double exposures! ❤ The new page I made for double exposures is HERE! Check it out!!

I have also made a few more 3”x3” art cards and added them to my 365somethings2018 page - go there to see them all. That is the 4th page I’ve made on my website for this challenge, only because I am now up to 289 out of 365 and I did not want the pages to be too slow to load on smaller devices. I have divided the pieces up to about 80-100 small images per page! Sometimes I think it’s kind of crazy to upload the entire year of my creative somethings, but I truly do want a record of this challenge. I love that I can look back and view the various things I have created. It lifts my spirit and helps me remember everything I have done now that I am over 60!! What about you?? Do you enjoy or dislike recording/photographing and/or sharing your creative projects?? You can comment below, or send me a private message via my contact form :0)

The sun is new every day.
— Heraclitus

Wishing you well.

Yours creatively, lenna