Image resist gel print ❤ mail art exchange!

“We ❤ Mail Art” is a small group of friends consisting of Jo Urbani, Julie Welsh & me. Since 2013, the three of us have exchanged art on a theme or technique a few times a year, placing an emphasis on Mail Art -see some examples via that link. It’s a lot of fun . . . it’s not a high pressure group! It is a marriage of art & friendship. Our most recent exchange was a 2-part collaborative effort. First, we all tried a new technique on the Gelli Plate: magazine resist image transfers (how-to video). Then, we picked a few of our image resist prints and sent them to everyone in the group. Once received, we took the prints and made something to send back to all - artist’s choice! A few of my prints are below:

When I received Jo & Julie’s prints, it took me some time to decide what to do because I didn’t want to cut theirs up! Take a look below at what I received from Julie; a gorgeous envelope with these 3 cool prints inside:

And from Jo, I received amazing mail art and these yummy magazine resist image transfer prints:

I sent my own image resist prints off to them in the mail art envelopes below:

mail4Julie (2).jpg


of the envelope for Julie

My envelope for Jo, in the UK

My envelope for Jo, in the UK

mail4Jo-sent08-07 (2).jpg


of envelope for Jo!

Yes, we do have fun with our small group! I have so much art to share from this exchange that I created a new page on my website. There’s a gallery of photos showing what I did for Jo and Julie . . . I made a journal filled with the resist prints that we shared! I also made a video about how I made the journals, plus I share a little bit about our art exchanges over the years. Please visit the Image Resist Gel Print Journal page to view the photos & video.

Jo sent me a Journal page, so perfect! I sent her the image below (left) and what she did to it is to the right of it (with lightning helping!). Then, I put it in the journal I made for myself!! I love it - DAre to be Different! Just look at the envelope! Thanks, Jo.

Julie did some very cool Artist Trading Coins (new to me!) inside a origami folded wallet made out of a map (where my granddaughter lives!). Then she placed them all inside a groovy Gel Print envelope! Thanks so much, Jewels! See below:

How lucky am I? Very lucky!

Good friends are like stars. You may not be able to see them, but you know they’re always there.
— Unknown

❤ Creatively yours, Lenna