I finished my pocket journal!

Yes! This was a fun project. I made this small, pocket journal last September, according to the instructions, and then filled it with my art over 14 months time . . . but who’s counting!

It was a process that was really enjoyable. Working on it when I could, sometimes taking a break, then a little push at the end to finish it up! I’m looking forward to creating another one.

I had a huge desire when I finished, to take the photos I took of ALL the pages in this pocket journal and mash them up in a cool Animoto slideshow video . . . organize the photos, add text where needed, choose the music, then tweak as needed until it’s how you like it. I’ll insert the video below, but the direct link is HERE in case you are reading a feed and it doesn’t show! You can find out more, and make one of your own by going to Animoto.

my finished pocket journal! DESCRIPTION: A run through of all the finished pages in the "pocket journal" I made. This is an online class by Rae Missigman and Sandi Keene: http://www.sandikeene.com/shop/pocket-journals

Journal created by lenna young andrews: Video created with Animoto.com

Thanks for watching! Yours creatively, Lenna

You will learn to enjoy the process . . . and to surrender your need to control the result. You will discover the joy of practicing your creativity. The process, not the product, will become your focus.
— Julia Cameron