Well, with a little help from my friends Jo & Julie and by reviewing the instructions again, I was able to successfully do image transfers using my gel plate. The most important factor was getting a very THIN coat of paint onto the plate to transfer the images with. I had started out a few days ago using a thicker tube acrylic like Artist's Loft or Basics by Liquitex, what I might typically use for gel plate printing. I have discovered that using a small amount of fluid acrylics seemed to turn this project around for me....  I liked both the transfer prints and some of the leftover magazine pages with paint on them that I had transferred. I saved them both for future art making! 

I will send a couple of these to Jo & Julie and they in turn will send me a couple of their gel transfers. Then we are going to take the transfers we receive and make something for the person who sent the transfer. Sounds like great fun to me - stay tuned!

Here are a few more of my gel plate transfers:

I even like the ones that did not come out perfectly, like the one bottom row, center. You can click on ony image for a larger view! I do not think there was enough contrast in the little tropical drinks to work super great. In doing this I learned that contrast is important for these image transfers. I found this video, recommended to me by my friend Julie, was most helpful. I will post it below, or the direct link is here:

Teresa Morgan
“My first attempt at this currently popular technique for monoprinting. Great fun and highly addictive!! I used pages from Vogue magazine for my resists, printing onto vintage book and music pages.”

Image Transfers are not easy to do, most of the time. But they can be accomplished if you are willing to spend a little time to find out what works. And sometimes you are just lucky!! 

Have Fun!! Lenna

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