hello! I have found my way back...


It is hard to believe, but May 29th was the last time I posted here. Wow, 3-1/2 months has gone by! I did have quite a busy summer and truth be told, I fell out of the habit of posting on my blog. My available time was spent creating & posting for the ICAD challenge, as well as working on a year-long 365 somethings project. In addition, I posted daily to my blipfoto photo journal. When ICAD wrapped up on July 31st, I jumped into another photo challenge called The August Break with Susannah Conway. So I was creating a lot/posting a lot and simply ran out of time to do everything. Not to mention, my husband Steve needed to have his hip replaced - that was done in May. These are my reasons for neglecting this blog for so long, but I am certainly glad to be back!

I am here because it’s still very important to me to have a space to write, to share, and to document my life, especially my art journey. I love sharing the process of that, or at the least, the finished work. I love connecting with people because of this sharing. I have met many wonderful friends this way! I have also found my blog holds me accountable, helping to keep me on track. It is truly a very detailed diary of my art-life! I love that part of it. And I will be adding some photos of a recent project I did to this post.

So!! If you are still interested in receiving these blog posts you are all set. If not, please unsubscribe, I won’t mind! At the moment I am in the middle of taking an online, self-paced course with Susannah Conway called, Blogging from the Heart. I’m taking it to help me take a fresh look at what I am doing with my blog, why I want to still use it and how I want to use it. I am not finished with the course quite yet but have found it very helpful already. I am diving back into my blog even before the course is finished, to get my feet wet and help me figure out where I want to go!

In August I signed up for my first course with Donna Downey (online). It is called Metamorphosis. Follow that link to read all about it. Donna calls it an “art-booking” class. We started with muslin, used joint compound, added paint, image transfers, rubber stamps and more before sewing it up to a large art book! I learned a lot and would make another one . . . below I will share a few photos. Thanks for coming by!

You will learn to enjoy the process...
and to surrender your need to control the result.
You will discover the joy of practicing your creativity.
The process, not the product, will become your focus.
— Julia Cameron

I will return!

xo yours creatively, Lenna