Day 2 of ICAD (and my Cover)

My second card out of 61 for ICAD- I had fun making this Index card! I found a small bag of photographs (printed at home) and some scraps of paper in a little plastic bag, while starting to re-organize my studio. I left it on the counter where I work, on purpose. I believe I collected these items for my “travel art bag” some time ago. This bag of photo memories & textural paper was just what I needed to get me started yesterday, yay! I enjoyed looking through the treasures in the bag and finding what inspired me, what I might like to use. Note: I am giving myself permission to keep my ICADs simple and that feels good!

The back of my Index card . . .

I started with a background of Lindy’s Starburst sprays in two colors, Bachelor Button Blue and Tiffany Lou Blue! I also spritzed some water on, so the colors would blend, swirled them around and let the inks dry naturally. I wanted the background reminiscent of water - the sparkly shimmer of these sprays made it work for me. I also created a cover for this year’s ICAD collection . . .

I bought this little 3” x 5” index card book at the office supply store. It is quite small, but I love it! For a couple of the ICAD exchanges in the past = 2018 and 2016 I made my own index card books with rings, punching the holes myself. I always had trouble lining the cards up right! So I’m very happy to be using this already put together, cute little index card book.

For the cover I sponged ICAD through alphabet stencils with a sponge and dye ink pads. I rubber stamped the year and hand wrote the rest with a fine blue sharpie marker and traced with a Signo Uniball white gel pen. I did a little doodling to express my excitement of doing this again and once more used Lindy’s Starburst Shimmer sprays! This made me feel quite happy. If you are new to ICAD and want to find out more, please visit Daisy Yellow Art. You can join in the challenge anytime!

The photo of me was taken 5 years ago, in June of 2014. I just located the original photos in my files! This was a fun day at Lucas Boatworks (across the Braden River). Steve MADE the paddle board (maker’s gotta make!) out of Styrofoam & Fiberglass and we were testing it out using one of his handmade paddles. Our sweet dog Asia was still with us then and she hopped on for a ride with both of us!!

How lovely that creating this Index card brought me back here to this day ❤

Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand ~ and melting like a snowflake.
— Marie Beyon Ray