ICAD . . . days 3 & 4

- Days 3 & 4 for Index Card A Day (ICAD)

  • I am so enjoying working on index cards again!

  • Above, days 3 and 4 (out of 61) for me. This project runs June 1 - July 31, every day.

  • Go to: https://daisyyellowart.com/vividlife/icad-2019-index for all the details. You’ll be glad you did! Tammy Garcia has it all mapped out for us and you can start anytime.

  • After 6 years of participating in ICAD (this is my 7th round) I find I am more relaxed about doing whatever on my index cards! I enjoy the process so much more now, it’s wonderful.

This magenta index card is #3, done on June 3rd. I followed the prompt Tammy provided, which I don’t always do. But I loved it!! Sometimes you just have to try something different. I finger painted with Golden acrylic tube paint and added spray inks and rubber stamping. I like to journal on the back of the card . . .

Card #4 is next . . . and I went with the prompt again!!

It was fun to try to “reflect” the word! I do not think I was truly that successful, but trying made me feel good. I love reflections, in all senses of the word. I just added what I think is a beautiful photo of reflections of the trees in the water at nearby Gap Creek along with reflections of sailboats in the water at Cedar Key - see these reflective photos HERE. With ICAD, I like that every day I am carving out a smidgen of time to play creatively. Something for me. Some time for me to help keep me in the groove of ART, I love it!

I believe I added this quote here on my blog quite recently, but it is really resonating with me . . . .

When you have surrendered to the flow of the process, when you let go of your control and need to perfect, when you just show up to the creative call - it becomes unclear whether you are creating the journey or whether the journey … is creating you.
—   Jill Badonsky