Index cards 5,6,7 & 8 ❤

ICADs 5-8 for the 2019 challenge running June 1st- July 31st ;o) Join Anytime!

I’ve created four Index cards for this creative challenge since I was last here. I am trying to do a variety of techniques and with these cards and I employed collage, acrylic paint, rubber stamping, oil pastels, shimmering spray dye and a 14K Gold metallic marker -wheee! Working small is good.

Just taking time for a few minutes to perhaps 1/2 hour at most every day keeps me creatively purring! I really enjoy this small practice and found it has helped me to continue thinking creatively. Some days I might have to force myself to jump in and start doing something, but it is totally worth it. The more I keep doing this project the better it gets!

In order to create, we draw from our inner well. This inner well, an artistic reservoir, is ideally like a well-stocked fish pond… If we don’t give some attention to upkeep, our well is apt to become depleted, stagnant, or blocked…As artists, we must learn to be self-nourishing. We must become alert enough to consciously replenish our creative resources as we draw on them — to restock the trout pond, so to speak.
— Julia Cameron