Our walks at DeSoto Memorial

I took a few walks at my favorite place to walk this week, mostly with the dogs when they did not go to the boat shop with Steven. And I wanted to share some of the beautiful things we saw . . . .

I am lucky I have a zoom lens or I think the dogs would have 
scared this lovely great heron away! 
He was waiting for 2 nearby fisherman to throw him some fish!

I can never get enough of the trees there with Spanish moss.
My camera is drawn to taking various photographs of these trees.

The photo below, I played with layers in Photoshop . . .
You may be able to see the larger Starfish under the smaller one?

 my sweeties on one of the beautiful paths at DeSoto Memorial xo

Have a wonderful Sunday - I am off with my friend and student Ann Medlin Hall to 
dance and move at conscious movement in Sarasota - wheeeee! 


selby gardens

I went to Selby Gardens in Sarasota yesterday after taking Nia on Siesta Key. I was a little tired, but going to the gardens was such a lift and so stimulating to me creatively, I am really glad I went. I am slowly figuring out I use photography and especially taking photographs of the natural world to inspire me . . .

a walk in the park

We love walking at De Soto national park -or, I should really say, De Soto National Memorial (which is part of the National Park service). It is only a few minutes from our home in NW Bradenton, Florida! Recently, the weather has cooled down from it's usual range here in Florida of 70 to 90 degrees F (21 to 32 C) to the present 4:00 pm temp of 61 F/ 16 C!! It has also been very windy here and that makes for a delightful walk in the park! I must share these photos from yesterday with you-then we are off for yet another walk in the park and a visit with my mom & dad : ^ ) Please visit this website: The National Parks: America's Best idea. Steven and I just started watching this series by Ken Burns and it is excellent.

click for larger photos -enjoy the sky!

this moss is still one of my favorite things to look at!
The first time Steven has worn jeans since April -it has been too hot! 

happy day to you, lenna

Explore our paradise - thank you, Marion B!

Marion Bockelmann from Germany sent me the most beautiful and appropriate card. I felt I had to share it with you because it is so beautiful and i liked it so much. See what Marion made for me, below. It certainly reflects my life as of late. (she must have been looking at this blog!!) I must say I really had no idea what was in store for me when I moved to Florida in December, as far as birds and natural beauty were concerned. More photos of my recent encounters of the bird kind follow Marion's card for me.. .  Marion's blog is bockel24 - check it out to see more of her wonderful artwork. thank you so much, marion. i love this card!

click on any photo for lots more details . . .

yikes!!!!! All of those photos were taken in one day . . .  one day! (and i did not even share them all). I am grateful to have such beauty and inspiration. Thanks to you who wrote and said "keep 'em coming!"
xo lenna young andrews - February 24, 2010


10.25.09- 0024, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

A beautiful day, and a day that marks 5 years since I called Steven Deming at work to talk about my husband John leaving me. Steven and John had gone to school together, and Steven and I had been friends since I was 15 years old (I was 47 at the time). Little did i know when i picked up the phone that day that 3 weeks and 300 or so emails later, Steven and I would decide/know we were getting married when my divorce was final. Amazing!! Simply amazing.

While we had an Open House today we drove to Farmington to take a walk with the pups -click on the photo above to see some lovely fall photographs of CT. When we got there, it was then that I remembered that Steven had taken me to this same park and same path, 5 years ago when we were first together . . . . amazing.

some florida sunshine

I was in florida last week . . .

this plant lives in my parent's yard in Florida . . . it is HUGE!
I remember having something similar as a small houseplant, here in CT, some time ago. My visit to florida this time was brief and cut short by a winter storm warning up North . . . I ended up coming back 24 hrs earlier to avoid a bad snow and ice storm with possible flight cancellations. My parents are about an hour from the Tampa airport and I now rely on a service to pick me up and get me back & forth. But even though this was a short visit, it was a good visit, none the less. My parents are always happy to see me and vice versa!

My dad looks a lot better than he did in December when he was going through chemo for his liver cancer and feeling so poorly. Amazingly, he is in remission now and just dealing with an infected gall bladder -what an incredible man he is, for all he has been through health wise this past year . . . he still has a sense of humor, my mom says! In a couple of weeks he will start Interventional Radiology with Dr. Grubbs to help keep his cancer at bay.

One day while I was there I took a long walk around the neighborhood as I usually do and snapped these photos around my parent's house, first. Click on any photo for more detail.

My dad made this canoe shown below . . . The bayou is right there, next to their home.

So peaceful . . . . My mom is a great gardener and creates beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Can you believe I picked all of these sweet oranges, yummy star fruit, delicious grapefruit and beautiful lemons shown below, right there on their property? I did, yum!

Look at this tree I saw in their neighborhood . . .

wow. I will happily return to visit again, enjoy more sunshine and time with my parents, February 24 -28.
It looks like I need it, don't you think?

Winter Night Pictures - Ice on the Trees

1.8.09 Winter Night Picture, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I cannot take credit for this photo . . . as my husband Steven took it, just last night : ) He went and got his camera and tripod when he saw what the moon was doing to the trees in our front yard after a recent ice storm. I think it is such a cool photograph! He has inspired me to take some myself . . . Hopefully any ice or snow storms will stay away from us for a bit - we have a belated Holiday party here tomorrow with my son Decklin, his girlfriend Tina, my sister Kathy, her husband Dan & their two teenage sons Dale & Ian, and my mom's brother -he's 85 years young, my Uncle Stan!

happy weekend to you!

Autumn Inspiration

I was inspired the other day by my friend Frieda Oxenham. This is not so unusual! But this time, it was not because of her gorgeous fabric art. Instead, I was inspired by the interesting and beautiful photos she had taken and added to her blog. Frieda captured a few delightful moments outside during a crisp Autumn day, where she lives in Scotland, as well as a cozy one inside by the woodstove. I always love to see Frieda's photos. I have never been to Scotland and it helps me to imagine what it's like. But these photos sparked me in a different way.

Frieda helped me to remember what a lovely time of year it is to take photos for inspiration. You can use these photos for transfers to fabric and paper, or simply as a starting point for your art work. So while walking the dogs one afternoon last week (a ritual with us now), I searched for beautiful colours and patterns in my yard and neighborhood . . . and beautiful creatures! (see below) The leaves are just beginning to turn here in Connecticut, but things will tumble fast and hard now, once the colours have started to pop. In fact, I took these photos 5 days ago and I think the landscape has changed, since then.

Here is Asia wandering in the weeds . . . amazingly there are still some flowers and green leaves, even though it is getting colder and the leaves are turning. We had to turn our heat on the other morning when it was absolutely freezing inside. yuck!

You can find many more of my early Autumn photos here. Perhaps they will be of inspiration to you.

In the meantime, my son Dallas has sent a bunch of photos of his girlfriend Liz and himself visiting Lake Bled in Slovenia this weekend! They are living and working in Trieste, Italy now, and it is very near the Slovenia border. I will share a couple of the photos here below as well. I hope you enjoy!

: ^ ) lenna

Dallas & Liz

happy autumn . . .