This was my fifth year - 5th! - participating in the Daisy Yellow daily ICAD challenge hosted by Tammy Garcia. WOW! Doing something (anything!) with my art materials on a daily basis certainly feeds my desire to do more art of all kinds! Working on a non-precious surface like a simple index card gets me deeper into a creative habit because I am not afraid to jump in. I'm looking forward to the 2018 summer's challenge already! Below on this page are the index cards I made during the 2017 personal challenge. Tammy runs this challenge every June & July = 61 cards (1 a day) if you can. Any amount is good! This year I continued making ICADs into August & September and made a few extra. View my 2016 ICADs HERE, my 2015 ICADs HERE and my 2014 ICADs HERE. My first year of creating ICADs was in 2013 & you'll find those very first cards HERE! Learn more about the ICAD challenge by visiting Daisy Yellow Art

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