Journal Quilt #7

Here we are at #7 in my series of small journal quilts I am creating on a weekly basis. This one is very simple, although I did print a photo of a painting I did onto Lutradur. You can see the original painting in my watercolor hearts post.

The back of this journal quilt reads:

February 19, 2007:

* Number 7 * in my series of mini journal quilts, wow! Last week celebrated Valentines Day and this week’s journal quilt reflects that. What you see on the front of this week’s mini quilt; black hearts on top of the colorful green, pink & orange swirls, is a reprint of a watercolor painting I did in my class at the West Hartford Art League. I took a photo of this painting before I cut it up and turned it into Valentines! Today I printed the photo onto a piece of Lutradur; a non-woven polyester fabric that is well suited as an art medium. It's lightweight, delicate, and flexible, yet very strong. This was my first time printing on Lutradur with my inkjet printer, and I think it worked well. Faded, but nice! I like the way the swirls of paint look printed on the non-woven fabric.

Steven & I continue to talk about the way I create these mini quilts, which so far, is very quickly! I swear I do much more thinking about them then actually making them. Steven assures me I am not “cheating” as I sometimes feel I am. The idea here is to keep me creating on a regular basis . . . to stay “in” that place, to make more art pieces for us, to keep challenging me to come up with ideas, to document this year . . . . well, I do think it’s working!! : ) Lenna

I printed this journal entry onto plain white fabric that I ironed on to freezer paper - and sent through my inkjet printer! Then I sewed it to the front.