Peterborough restoration complete!

My dad and my husband Steven worked together to restore the finish on the cedar strip canoe my dad made that has seen a lot of use. After they did much sanding, applying of epoxy and varnish, it is finished. I think it is one of the most beautiful boats I have ever seen! (oh, it paddles beautifully too!!) Click on the images for more detail....

On my original website, I have a diary of sorts with photos and notes that my dad sent us via email when he made a 'wee lassie' single-man canoe for Steven. Go to My Dad's art to learn more about how he makes these gorgeous boats - it is really something. I also have a set of photos on my flickr photos called: BYOB - Bring your own Boat (a Dale Andrews Boat!). One September weekend in 2006 when we lived near a small lake in Avon, CT we got family members to gather up boats my dad made. We had a canoeing/sailing party with a half a dozen of his gorgeous handmade boats, (and there are even a few more, wow!) Right now I am working on scanning photos of the 'melon seed' build, a 15.5 ft sailboat my dad built, cedar strip. Here is that boat below, along with the other boats my dad made we could rustle up that day. awesome!!!
lenna young andrews - February 23, 2010