art journal June 6-9

Yes, it has been a while since I have shared an art journal spread! This spread took its sweet time, probably because it ended up being about something sweet . . . my husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary this Saturday, our 6th one! Only six years? Yes, just 6. While Steven and I met back in 1972, we did not get married until 2005. Our story is almost like a fairytale and you may have heard it before, but I want to preface showing this spread with it . . . .

Steven and I were friends and we even shared a house together in 1980. It turns out he always had feelings for me but he kept them hidden because I was taken. Then, my first husband left me in 2004 because of an affair. I was dealing with my 26-year marriage dissolving before my eyes, when I found out that Steven was divorced for the same reason -his spouse having an affair. I called him at work and we starting talking, and emailing and talking! As crazy at it seems, 3 weeks later we knew we were going to be married as soon as my divorce was final. It was crazy, but definitely Love.
This spread started with me covering the original pages with paper. On the right side I used dictionary paper and on the left, a piece of scrapbook paper with the words Crazy Love, given to me by Connie Senyitko. Connie wrapped up the skinny page she made for me on my theme of LOVE with this paper! I did not set out to create these pages on this theme or create about our anniversary but those words really guided me.
I added a transparency photo of Steven sailing Starfish that I took recently (used my xyron to attach) and a photo of us that he took on the evening of our wedding, June 11, 2005. This was "tipped-in" to the journal the night before with Tacky glue along the spine. 
I added color with my trusty water color crayons.
The photo is printed on textured paper similar to watercolor paper.
Water makes the photo inks migrate like you see above.
click for details. 
I really think you should be listening to 
Cole Porter's song while you are viewing! 

 On the other side of the tip in photo page is an email from Steven . . . 
Finished . . .  

The "courtesy, friendship & letters" opens to show an email I wrote to our 
best friend Garth, telling him about how Steven and I had fallen in love.
Yes, I save all of these things!
This took me a little while to produce, but it was worth it.
Happy Anniversary, Steven! 

p.s. all of my journal spreads (including this current one) for Art Journal Every day with Julie Balzer can be found by following this link. : ^) lenna