The Ash Breeze - Cover Art

My husband Steven gets The Ash Breeze in the mail. It is a journal of the Traditional Small Craft Association. My dad used to get this publication when he was alive and I believe that's how Steven first found out about this boating publication. They also receive a copy of this at Lucas Boatworks where Steven works. Imagine Steven's surprise when he picked up the latest issue and saw familiar boats on the cover . . . .

The cover painting looked like a scene from the Traditional Small Craft Association (TSCA) Festival races held locally in Cortez, FL! At first Steven recognized the boat on the right with the black sails. The boat in the foreground did not register with him immediately but he did notice a very familiar Cortez melonseed behind it to the left. The duck on the sail is a symbol that Dave Lucas always uses on the Cortez melonseed sailboats that come out of his shop, Lucas Boatworks. It was only after recognizing these other boats and confirming that the cover art was a painting from a photograph taken during one of the Cortez races, did Steven go back and look again at the boat in the foreground. He certainly was not expecting to discover the cover featured a gorgeous boat my father built. To top it off, it was Steven himself sailing my dad's melonseed - Wind Dancer! Steven called me at home and told me to go out to the mailbox and look for our copy of the Ash Breeze, then call him back after I had seen the cover. What a most wonderful surprise! Steven and my dad refinished this boat in March 2010. Steven entered it in the 2010 Traditional Small Craft Association race in Cortez, FL on April 17, 2010 where the photo for the cover art was taken unknowingly.
Steven with my dad's beautiful hand built boat at the end of the TSCA Festival race
around the islands on April 17, 2010. The water is obviously very shallow here.

Steven, me and my dad, the builder of the beautiful boat, wind dancer

Refinishing "Wind dancer" march 2010

There was an article about the cover art, inside the Ash Breeze called: Art and the Sea with Bob Semler. A website was listed for the artist who painted the cover and Steven and I both visited. Steven wrote an email to Bob too, shown below. Bob Semler replied to Steven's email and said, he thought some prints were being made and "Perhaps you can stop by and see the original when I get home" (he is traveling).

Hi, My name is Steve Deming and I’m interested in a print or two of your recent cover painting that appeared on the cover of The Ash Breeze magazine. I’m the sailor of the main subject melonseed in the foreground. Rather a pleasant surprise when I got my copy of Ash Breeze today! The boat was built by my late father-in-law Dale Andrews of Bradenton (and Connecticut). He died last October of liver cancer and my wife (his daughter) and I moved down here permanently to Bradenton in 2009 to be near by and help out wherever possible. Dale and I set up a small boat shop in Bradenton and he was able to work with me building and rebuilding small boats right up until he died. The 2010 Cortez Small Boat Festival (subject of your painting) was the last time he saw his melonseed being sailed. Thanks in advance, Steve Deming Bradenton, FL

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