collaborative nature print table

Steve made a table at Lucas Boatworks and said to me, I have a new table for the Tiki Hut and I would love for it to be a collaborative piece. Would you mind doing some nature printing on it??

what do you think my response was??

Obviously, I said YES!! As you can see, a hibiscus which is really that color, and its leaves from our back yard, are now printed on the table. It all started like this . . . . Steven made a table from one piece of maple wood that was my father's. When we came down here, Steven and Dad worked together in the shop. Steven learned so many things from dad and my dad had a welcome distraction from his cancer.

I would typically do more printing all over the area, but something told me maybe it was done simply as it was. I asked Steven for his opinion and he said - Yes! It's awesome just like that! 

I dried the paint a bit so he could take it (via boat) to Lucas Boatworks - more of that story in the video below! I had gathered lots of plant material from the yard and already had the paints out, so I decide to do more and printed on cards. I have more photos to share so I quickly made a short Animoto slideshow video. If you are interested, I will embed the video below or you can follow this link to view it if you do not see it below.

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