Marilyn's Letter Journal

Marilyn's Letter Journal

My art with Marilyn's art - in her Letter Journal, April 26, 2016. Part of the Letter Journal exchange is working in other artist's journals as they are mailed to you. All the journals in the group are mailed in a round robin fashion, so at the end of the exchange you receive your journal mailed back to you with all of the participants art inside. In late April, I received Marilyn Wadick's Letter Journal all the way from Australia!

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Finished Table

Finished Table

The table is now finished. See this post if you missed part 1. Actually, that would be part 1 of the second life of this table. Steven made the table 2 years ago, I stamped it & we actually used it so much that the finish had worn down. When I asked if he could re-do it for us, he gave me the opportunity to stamp it some more - and I did . . .

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Collaboration with Sharon Borsavage

An altered book collaboration with Sharon Borsavage. : ^ ) 

A week or 2 ago I finished up the pages in Sharon's book and sent it home to her. I wanted to wait until she received this in person before sharing online . . . and then my sons visiting from Boston kept me busy for quite a while!
Today, I got my photographs labeled, resized and uploaded. The slideshow below shows Sharon's book as if you are flipping through it in real life.  You'll see both of our altered artwork sprinkled throughout her book. My own altered book that we have also been working on collaboratively is with Sharon now and whenever she is ready and has time to finish it, I will gladly welcome it home. I don't mind waiting!

If you cannot view the slideshow below, please use this link to view it online.

Sharon and I started this exchange back in late 2009 when I was still living in Connecticut! I moved across the country when my dad was ill with cancer- then he passed away last October. Sharon had some health issues herself to deal with and so we just took our time and worked at a pace that suited us. I will forever cherish this exchange where I got to "talk" to my friend Sharon through our collaborative art! xoxoxox

There is also a companion album where I have included more process photos and work done by both Sharon and I, in my nature themed AB. You'll find it here.

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The Meal: a collaborative project

This was the photo that Tina (my son Decklin's partner) took of me yesterday at 12 noon for The Meal . . . .
a simultaneous global project organized by the Art House Co-op.

From their site: "Nothing makes us feel connected quite like sharing a meal together. On February 24th at 12pm Eastern Standard Time, thousands of strangers from around the world will sit down for a bite in unison and capture a shared experience at the exact same time. Take a photograph of yourself with your meal and mail it back to us. These simultaneous snapshots – self-portraits of people and their foods – will be exhibited in our storefront project space and made available online. Our aim is to inspire a feeling of community across geographic and cultural boundaries. So wherever you may be on February 24th at 12pm, keep your camera handy and something delicious nearby – and remember that thousands of strangers, both near and far, are sharing that meal with you.."

My plate for "the meal" includes hummus with carrots, 5 grain crackers and a salad with various lettuces, Quinoa, four bean salad, raw mushrooms and leftover cooked yellow squash. These choices reflect the recent change in diet Steven and I have embraced for health reasons after watching the documentary Forks over Knives. Since we started this way of eating (90% plant-based with very minimal meat or dairy) on January 20 we are now truly enjoying what we eat more and feel better. I have even lost a few pounds. My doctor was very positive about my decision to stop taking the medication she had prescribed a year ago for high cholesterol. My levels are now within the normal range and she told me she thought plant based eating was healthier than taking Niaspan! She also said she wished she had more patients like me, willing to change their diet!! Anyway, participating in this project took on extra meaning to me because of these reasons.

Soon after Tina took this photo for me because I could not quite do it myself . . . I printed the digital photo out on matte photo paper in the 4"x6" size as was requested and decorated a hand made envelope to send it to the Art House Co-op offices. FUN!! They have a lot of projects going on now - check out their site and see what is still open!

xo lenna 

Paper Stacks: Online Collaboration

I read last week on Seth Apter's blog about his proposal to host an online collaboration; a collection of sorts. Read all about it here: Paper Stacks. Having worked in lots of altered books, art journals, and collaborative journals full of paper and more, I could not resist the challenge to upload a photo (or 2 or 3 or 4) to my blog today. I will notify Seth that I have done this and he will add my link to the list of artists here -go check it out! I love that he calls this post/list: Stackaholics Anonymous!

My photos are sharing only a few of the art journals and altered books around here . . .
I did not want the stack to topple over! Right click on the photo and again if there is a plus sign, for a juicier look.

You are looking at the first book I ever altered, back in 2001 - 10 years ago.

Some of these books are collaborations and some are samples for my altered book classes.

I made more than one stack -I could not resist!

A recent art journal from 2011 in the back, an altered book class sample, a collaborative exchange I am still involved with, a Vintage glue book, a book from a class with Kelly Kilmer . . . .

My most recent art journal, a class sample book, a vintage gluebook and my first altered book.

Hooray for stacks of art! 
Thank you Seth, for coordinating. I am proud to add my stacks ; ^ )  lenna