Looking for indigo

It has been a number of days since I posted but never fear - I am continuing to play in my art journal!   What, it's been 10 days?

How did that happen?! Well, I've been working on catching up in my photo journal on blipfoto, that's what happened! I took a break from posting on blipfoto for almost 3 months while I was getting back into playing with paper and paint . . .  It is always a balance, isn't it?

Moderation. Small things. Sample a bit of everything. 

These are the secrets of happiness and good health.

~ Julia Child

I have been using the daily paper prompts from daisy yellow for all my recent journal spreads but this time I am using a prompt from the blipfoto site - Horomaka's Rainbow Challenge: Indigo. After getting caught up there adding photos I wanted to participate in some of the photo challenges. For this one, Indigo, I combined my art with my photos!! That just might be the trick for me to be able to do everything I'd like to.

 I started looking for indigo in my watercolor crayons . . . . 

I tried two - one seemed too purple and the other too blue!

Then I remembered I had a new "Indigo" Lumiere paint.

This was much more what I was looking for!

I did some combing and some brushing . .. and added a positive affirmation.

A little bit of gold metallic marker to go with the indigo

It really creates joy for me when I work in this journal. An added plus, I can use it on blipfoto too!

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