more mail art . . .

I love to create mail art. My pieces often have rubber stamping all over the envelope. I still use lots of stamps from my days working in an Art Rubber Stamp Store. It's a quick way to add art! Although, mail art can be so many different things . . . The card shown here is from the Ringling Museum in Florida. I have not posted for a bit, but here's some of what I've been doing behind the scenes. I like to wait until I've heard the mail has been received before sharing it. For my good friend Frieda - Art Quilter & mixed media artist who lives in Scotland, I sent a belated birthday card and fabric ATC. We both love roses! This envelope was sweet & simple . . .

The card above is a watercolor painting of The Ringling Museum's rose garden. I often visit there and take photographs.

The rose on Frieda's Artist Trading Card is from a photo I took at the Ringling garden! Later, I transferred it to fabric. 

Below, for my friend Anna, who is healing from an injury which prevents her from dancing right now:

I used watercolor crayons and rubber stamps to create this envelope. The card was made from a photo taken at one of our Gratitude Dances on the beach that both Anna & I attended. 

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Tom Haukaas came to a private class I taught at my home in late September: We worked on Image Transfers! He brought a great many prints to work with and gifted me one of his great-grandmother. I transferred it to this envelope, added stamping and tucked his left behind items inside. voila' - off in the mail it went, to Tom's delight! 

Lastly, a simple stamped envelope for an upcoming get-away:

* Have a little fun and add some art to your next envelope!

A favorite online article I've saved that explains mail art in more detail: Pushing the envelope.

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