Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland is a wonderful place, an outdoor gallery that Frieda took me to when I visited her in Scotland in September. She just knew I would like it . . .  and she was right! I have taken some of the photos I took and added them to my art journal as a way of keeping those memories alive. Jupiter Artland is an estate outside of Edinburgh where the grounds have been turned into a public art display. You can use a map provided to discover the pieces. I kept my map and brought it home with me. When I went to create this spread I scanned the map onto a transparency sheet and used my xyron to attach it to the page.

The nails you see on this page were on a gate in the courtyard where we had lunch.  They were also on the front gate of Jupiter Arland as we drove in and very impressive!  I have added Silver Lumiere paint to the page and textured it with a fork. 

Frieda and I drove through the "Life Mounds" by Charles Jencks -there is a wonderful close up photo here on the Jupiter Artland website. I am not sure who made this wonderful bridge, but it was a treat to walk over it. The mounds of earth were something Frieda and I could walk up to the top of by following a circular path. At the top there would be a sculptural piece.

Frieda on top of one of the Life Mounds

The bridge from the top of one of the mounds

So very interesting and unusually beautiful. 

memories kept to savor and enjoy! 

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