Table Stamping

I did some table stamping today, revitalizing a collaboration from 2 years ago. This is a table my husband Steven made and then I stamped. The top finish had gotten quite scuffed because we use the table so much. I asked Steven to refinish it with coats of polyurethane to bring the sheen back. But first, I decided to add more stamped designs!  Here's what the table looked like prior to us working on it today, pretty simple. Steven had to scuff it with some fine sandpaper before I could add more stamping. When he refinishes it these lines will all melt away . . . you need to scuff it up for the finishing clear coats to adhere properly.

Then I got my materials ready:  Bronze Glaze, a sponge and large foam stamps.

I started by adding a few images . . .

 A closer view:

And then, in typical Lenna fashion, I went a little wild! I wonder what Lightning thinks? (our kitten)

I decided I like the new look  :0 )

Steven will take it to the boat shop now to finish it, giving it a few coats of shiny sealant.

We are getting a new (larger) couch on Sunday and this will be just perfect for it! I did not take long to stamp it either. I am much happier with it now. Who says it's too late to re-create?!