Collaboration with Sharon Borsavage

An altered book collaboration with Sharon Borsavage. : ^ ) 

A week or 2 ago I finished up the pages in Sharon's book and sent it home to her. I wanted to wait until she received this in person before sharing online . . . and then my sons visiting from Boston kept me busy for quite a while!
Today, I got my photographs labeled, resized and uploaded. The slideshow below shows Sharon's book as if you are flipping through it in real life.  You'll see both of our altered artwork sprinkled throughout her book. My own altered book that we have also been working on collaboratively is with Sharon now and whenever she is ready and has time to finish it, I will gladly welcome it home. I don't mind waiting!

If you cannot view the slideshow below, please use this link to view it online.

Sharon and I started this exchange back in late 2009 when I was still living in Connecticut! I moved across the country when my dad was ill with cancer- then he passed away last October. Sharon had some health issues herself to deal with and so we just took our time and worked at a pace that suited us. I will forever cherish this exchange where I got to "talk" to my friend Sharon through our collaborative art! xoxoxox

There is also a companion album where I have included more process photos and work done by both Sharon and I, in my nature themed AB. You'll find it here.

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altered books

It has been a while since I worked in an altered book . . . maybe not since I was creating sample pages for my lessons in Artful pages - 4 artists 4 ways. That workshop is available now as a self-paced class. When you register you will receive access to the blog where all 12 lessons are available immediately. Let me know if you have any questions!

I have been busy for some time almost every day for a week now, working on an altered book collaboration I am doing with Sharon Borsavage of Livewire Jewelry. If you are not familiar with Sharon's jewelry or mixed media art, I urge you to go get familiar! She is so awesome. We started our collaboration almost 2 years ago and have been working in each other's altered books with out any deadlines. I have just finished a number of pages in my altered book and I'm sending it to Sharon now for her to work on as she likes, finish up and send home to me. I already have Sharon's book here in my possession and will start working on a few pages soon so I can send her book back home to her! They are both beautiful already, each filled with both of our art.

I will share a few pages with you, but suggest you go visit the set of photos I have called Altered Book Collaboration. You will see more of the step-by-step photos there and you can even look at the photos as a slideshow if you prefer. ; ^  )

part of a new page I did this week. I love the quote, click for details!

new page spread in my book, by me
that is my great uncle's painting in the middle on the right. 

my page on the left, sharon's on the right  : ^ ))

I did this today, then reorganized my ink pads! (Direct to paper ink technique)

These photos are of Sharon's Zinnia's. I copied them
and printed them onto the book pages (after removing them!)

sharon's work in my book -beautiful! 

my cover

I was thinking about the difference between working in and art journal and working in an altered book while I was doing this creative work this week. It is not too different for me . . . here, I have old music pages as my base. When I work in my art journal I have plain paper, most recently water color paper which allows a lot of wet paint for me! I did do a little bit of journaling on my sea grape leaves page in my altered book . . .  but I found I was starting to do a lot more writing in my art journal. I miss it a bit, so I may just need to do a page in my art journal soon. My art journal is almost complete (2nd one!) just a couple more spreads. I am so, so glad that giving that up on a daily basis, allowed me the time and inspiration to return to this exchange with Sharon, so it is all working out. Do you work in an art journal as well as an altered book? Any thoughts? Do you enjoy one more than the other?? Leave me a comment if you feel like it, I'd love to hear from you! ; ^ ) lenna

sweet bead studio give-away and news!

I don't often advertise give-aways, but the one that is being offered by Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studio comes with a most amazing story and photos of an Around the World Necklace Round Robin. My very good friend Sharon Borsavage was part of this necklace and journal RR . . . . and I also saw the link about Cindy's give-away and the story on another friend and participant's blog, Renate of - Put a little magic in your life!
Cindy of Sweet Bead Studio has unraveled the wonderful story about this amazing collaborative project involving five women living all over the world. You can enter her 'sentimental journey' give-away (see photo below) and read the story here, on Sweet Bead Jewelry. Look at this gorgeous giveaway! Thank you, Cindy. Their story has also been published in the winter issue 2011 of Somerset's Belle Armoire Jewelry. Congratulations to all, on many levels!

Sweet Bead Studio 'Sentimental Journey' giveaway
drawing is - December 2, 2010

altered books with sharon

This is one spread of pages I did recently in Sharon Borsavage's Altered Book that I am collaborating on with her. Sharon's theme is birds and I have been enjoying her theme very much. It has been months since I worked in either one of our books with moving and all -we've kept a very loose schedule for sending. Once I started working in her book the other day I wondered why I had not made myself jump in sooner! I so enjoyed myself. Sharon recently sent my own book back with some gorgeous work in it, that she did . . . if you would like to pick and chose some of our AB pages to view, please take a look at our collaborative set of Altered Book pages. If you'd rather view an easy to watch slide show with large photos -try that link. I have 3 new spreads to share you can see there on flickr and I have uploaded Sharon's recent work as well. Now! dear sharon, I hope your cold is better! I'm also hoping this book arrives on your doorstep soon. Thank you for the opportunity to work collaboratively with you!!!!! xo lenna 

Sharon Borsavage (L) and Lenna Young Andrews (R) - AB exchange

This is my Altered Book with a theme of nature, and part of a one-on-one exchange: Sharon Borsavage did the altered page on the left - "Think like a Tree". I tried to compliment her art with what I did on the right. This book is now in the mail on its way to Sharon so she can add more altered art to the pages of this old music book. We have each worked in our own books twice and in each other's books once, so far! We are taking our time and will keep exchanging and arting up pages back and forth until we both think our books are done. To see a slide show showing both of our work in both books: please click here. Another favorite page I just finished is below - hope you enjoy!

lenna young andrews - April 21, 2010

Sharon Borsavage collage : )

I traded art pieces with Sharon Borsavage before I moved, late last year. It was really a great feeling to unpack her collage recently and hang it up on my studio wall. What a delicious find! Sharon and I have become good friends through our art and email, and we are now working together on altered books, a one on one exchange! with thanks and love to Sharon -i adore this collage! Lenna Young Andrews - February 13, 2010

for sharon, 1st page spread

Sharon Borsavage and I are doing an altered book exchange together. We fell upon this after Sharon found my blog, fell in love with my work (and vise-versa!) and we decided we wanted to do a one on one exchange together, and alter old books.

The theme of my book for our exchange is nature, and Sharon's theme is birds (my work in it shown above). We both have been really busy but i squeeked out some art time to play in her book and sent it off to her on Monday. Sharon is finishing up arting in my book and will be sending it to me soon. Then we will both do some more work in our own books and exchange again until the pages run out or we feel the books are complete.

Since Sharon has received her book with the pages I altered, I can share them with you now. I have quite a bunch of photos of my work in her book, so I have simply put one favorite here. iI you click on this photo you will go to my flickr account where you will find even more and descriptions with each photo. A slide show of our collaborative work so far is here: Altered Book Collaboration. I am really having fun altering books again after a bit of a break, and it is especially meaningful to me to work with another artist i admire, all the while getting to know her better and having her high caliber of artwork encourage me to stretch and grow and love!
-enjoy! lenna young andrews -January 30th, 2010

page from nature AB

page4, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
When writing here last week about an upcoming AB exchange with Sharon Borsavage, I only showed the cover of my own book and directed you to flickr to see more. In looking over the photos again tonight, i wanted to show at least one of the pages in my book here too. I really like this page with the use of a transparency-printed photo of my dad, mom & sister in my dad's handmade boats, Lumiere paint, layers of paper and fabric and rubber stamping. The old post card i snuck in there is cool too - I hope you enjoy! Sharon will be getting her book to me i believe, after i have moved to Florida (we are leaving 11/29/09) and i will be so happy to work in it then, I am sure! So, more Altered Book art from us to come in the future : ) Lenna Young Andrews, November 12, 2009

AB Exchange with Sharon Borsavage

cover, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

This is the cover of my altered book with a theme of Nature -the incredible beauty of it. I take so many photos when out walking that I couldn't resist choosing this theme. On the cover has an image transfer of a photo I took out in the woods, transfered to fabric. Then I used my xyron to adhere the fabric to the cover of an old music book. For more photos of the pages I did, click on the cover!

I am altering this book in collaboration with Sharon Borsavage, who is so kindly putting up with me entering into this exchange with her as I am about to move - from CT to Florida!! We are doing a 1-1 exchange, working in each other's altered books, in a very unscheduled manner as we are both quite occupied theses days. But you should see new work in both books every so often on both of our blogs in the months to come. We hope you enjoy, as we know we will! ~ lenna young andrews, November 4th, 2009 -- please note our moving out date is November 28th with the closing here in Avon on November 30th. After that, we are off to join my parents in Bradenton, Florida - halelujah! So if I am scarce, this is why : ))