take me away . . . week 23 DLP

take me away . . . week 23 DLP

06/19/2015 -Here is the spread I came up with for the June 6th Challenge of Illustrative Art Journaling with the prompt of "Take me away" and the overall theme of Travel Journaling. I illustrated the challenge mostly with paper & photos, collage style, but I did do a bit of doodling and mark making too . . .

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some art on the island

Here is a bit of some of the art I did while visiting wolfe island . . . a close up of a painting:

The entire painting - you can see it when it's half finished here

I brought the Creative Breakout DVD with me and watched it once again for inspiration. Thanks to my instructor Bill Buchman for all he taught me. I am so glad I got a couple of his DVDs! below is a warm up exercise using his Zen Reed Pens. Just plain fun!

we have fond memories of this trip, even though near the end we wanted to go home and we left a few days early! The long drive (3 days) was tiring too but I still smile at things like Steven and me snuggled on the deck of the cottage to watch the sunset . . . 

That is Tina and my son Decklin over my shoulder. A few days after they left the island, they called with wonderful news. They are engaged to be married! Their date is in October, 2013.

I have more art I did to share with you, so look for more posted here sometime soon. In the meantime I have added some photos of our sweet dogs enjoying island life to my photo blog and I am busily adding lovely, beautiful, thoughtful prayer flags to my swaps blog! I hope you have time to check them out. Take care and I will see you again before long. Oh! i have changed my blog format once again. See what you think! The photo blog remains a "dynamic view" but this main blog is back to the original type of template. Hope it works for you!

some photos . . .

sunset cruise on the St Lawrence River while visiting wolfe island, Ontario
Please excuse my absence here on my blog, it seems I am still getting caught up after being away for 3 weeks. I have just uploaded a few of my favorite photos from our lovely time on Wolfe island and you can find them all here on my creative lenna photo blog. I have not forgotten you and even have artwork that I did while there to share with you . . . Promise to be back before long!! xo lenna

we're on wolfe island!

The wi-fi internet that Steven's cousin set up at the big house (his great-grandparent's house) was a surprise when we got here! Steven helped to configure it and got it going, but being on an island, the internet availability seems to come and go. It is nothing like what I am spoiled with at home -meaning that I cannot transfer a lot of data by looking at a lot of sites or pictures. But Steven okayed my idea to add a re-sized photo a day to my blipfoto journal - Just go there and use the calendar to work backwards to see a few of our 3 day trip here and our past week on the island. And a photo or two here is okay too!

This is our view towards Simcoe island from the cottage.

and me later swimming in that somewhat cold but beautiful water . . . 

The St Lawrence River is directly in front of our cottage and it is lovely to even just walk down the steps, sit and listen to the water lap on the rocks. That is not sand in the first picture, but a large flat rock. We have to wear some kind of shoes when swimming because of the zebra mussels which will really hurt/cut your feet. I am wearing one of my old pair of crocs- how handy my favorite shoes will also work for this! 

I lead a fairly laid-back life these days at our home in Florida, but things are even more laid-back here on the island. We have visited with many members of Steve's extended family whom we have not seen in 3 years or more -there are a total of 4 houses/ cottages along the river here that belong to the family. Plus, my son Decklin and his partner Tina have just arrived from Boston! They will be here with us all week and since we only see them a couple of times a year it is wonderful to have them here. As soon as they found out we would be going to Wolfe island they said, "can we come and visit you??" ; ) My youngest son Dallas & his wife Liz were not able to get away . . . but we spoke to him on the phone yesterday as it was his 28th birthday! 

I brought my Sketchbook Project 2013 journal with me and have been working on that while here. I decided on the theme of Travelogue and have been working on the idea of "Journey to Wolfe Island". It is a complete departure from any of my previous sketchbook projects with journaling and drawings (yes!). I also did a page in my personal art journal yesterday and worked on painting some small canvas coin purses I threw in my bag. And I have been taking tons of photos as usual. Uploading them to my laptop does not require any internet usage! I am well and happy and hope you are too. Steven is in heaven being back at his childhood family summer home on the water. We have been out in our boat Chelsea many times, even traveled to neighboring islands to visit friends. Chloe and Asia are very happy here too! I will try to check in again sometime . . . we are here for another couple of weeks. Promise to catch up with your blogs when I return home. xo lenna 

wolfe island, ontario

Steven and I are preparing for a 3-day, 1500 mile drive from Florida to Canada with our 2 dogs Asia & Chloe, our boat Chelsea and two canoes! The 2-person Peterborough canoe my dad made will go on the roof of our Subaru. This ensures that Steve and I can take some beautiful canoeing trips together, most likely with the dogs in the boat too - they don't like to be left behind!

Steven's small one-man sailing canoe he rigged himself will fit inside our boat Chelsea. We'll be trailering Chelsea behind the Subaru. With the little sailing canoe he'll have the opportunity to explore on his own . . . and with it's tuned-up lawn mower engine, Chelsea can take all of us lots of places - even across the river to Kingston! Remember, we are going to be on an island! Since the family cottage is directly on the St. Lawrence River - mouth of Lake Ontario, the availability of boats is a high priority for Steven : ) Below you'll see the bunkhouse of the cottage to your left.

This is a family parcel with many cottages that Steven grew up going to in the summer-time. Every year he would go to Wolfe Island with his family and later on his own. His grandmother was born in the 'big house' on the property and between that big house and all the cottages on the property, Steven would see various cousins, Aunts and Uncles every year. He has a very large extended family with about 140 relatives! The first time I went to Wolfe Island was in 2005 after we married. The impression it left on me was that it was such a beautiful and peaceful place. Wolfe Island is very rural, in fact Steven's family still owns farm fields there. We went there together every summer until after we moved from Connecticut to Florida in late 2009. We did not want to leave town while my dad was ill with cancer. Dad passed away October 1, 2011 and we decided this year to make the long drive in August and stay for 3 weeks. Here is why I love it so . . . these photos are from our last trip there in 2009. Below, Steven walking towards the 'big house' and the Oats Barn. If you click on it you may be able to see the widow's walk on top. The St. Lawrence and the boat docks are down the hill to the left.

Below - the Deming's Dock was originally constructed by Steven's great grandfather and updated by his Dad in the 1960's. Kingston, Ontario is across the way.

 The 'big house' where Steven's grandmother was born.

Looking from the big house - that is the drive shed. The cottage we share with Steve's brothers is on the other side of it.

 Steven's grandmother's garden at the big house.

 Looking from the big house across the river to Kingston.

 Something new in 2009 was added to the farmer's cow fields - wind turbines!

walking down Third Line road . . . I had just taught Asia how to do a "High 10!"

 The cottage steps that look out over the river, towards Kingston - 3 1/2 miles away.

 Getting our boat "Buzzy's" motor ready . . . you see Asia and Chloe keeping their distance!!

 such cutie pies... they are sitting in one of our driveways!

The motor is ready so off we go! Steven has had this boat since he was a kid.

 You can tell Asia hates boating, huh?

 The family property as seen from Buzzy . . .

 Love this!!!

 In 2009 we trailered the melonseed sailboat my dad built up to Canada. Here is Steven paddling it around the dock to where we can get in, take off and go sailing.

 The dogs are following, not wanting to be left behind . . .

 Asia is ready to go!

 me and Chloe too ; )

We also love canoeing when there . . . . in my dad's handbuilt Peterborough

 The Simcoe Island ferry is in the distance -it's a cable ferry.

 Simcoe island is directly in front of us.

 I think you can see why we like wolfe island . . . . life is much quieter there.

 And I have a fabulous studio there!

This year my son Decklin and his partner Tina will spend a week with there with us too. : )) so nice. The internet speed is very scarce on the island with only dial-up. I will turn my attention to other things I think. You may hear from me again before we leave - but if not, don't worry!
There is a cute 2 minute video I did in 2009 with some additional photos: Wolfe Island.

And there are also earlier photos on my original web site. They are from 2005-2008 and one photo shows me finding my art on the cover of Expression Magazine for the first time, in a bookstore in Kingston, Ontario!!! Enjoy and thanks for visiting, lenna

He who knows others is wise; He knows himself is enlightened.
  ~ Lao-Tzu

steven's collage for Aunt Lee

Since I mentioned it in my green paper challenge post earlier, I thought I would share my husband Steven's collage he made for his Aunt Lee - since I just love this! I think that Aunt Lee is celebrating her 89th birthday up on Wolfe Island, in the 'big house' you saw as a postcard in the book I made for Steven (and for Mary Green's challenge).

You'll see a couple of the same photos I used in my book, in Steven's collage above. When he finished he left the additional photos he did not use out on the work table and I was drawn to them . . . ready-to-use inspiration for me! That's a photo of me and Aunt Lee (steven's father's sister) at the top of the collage, taken last year. I love the map/chart of Wolfe Island that Steven used as a background . . . 

2009 - the same 'big house', same property
beautiful Wolfe Island - the 'big house' is behind a tree on the right.
Steven's family cottage is farthest to the left.  

We won't be travelling there this year, but hopefully next year!

green paper challenge: Lady Randolph Churchill

I made a small book!
When I saw Mary's free collage sheet and challenge on Green Paper I said to myself, I'm in! Mary Green offers great challenges and classes which I love to take part in. Below is what she offered us for her Lady Randolf Churchill challenge:

I downloaded Mary's free collage sheet for the challenge and printed it out full-size on matte brochure paper, and also 1/2 size on a clear transparency because I was not sure what I was going to do yet and I wanted some options. When I saw the check printed out full-size, it gave me an idea! It looked like the perfect size for a small book cover. 

I made some pages out of scrap paper and used text, old book pages and some of the collage sheets that were part of Mary's Your Vintage GlueBook class to create backgrounds for the pages and images I wanted to use. While I was planning on using the required challenge images on the cover, my husband Steven Deming had printed out a number of old family photos to make a collage for his aunt’s 89th birthday celebration this month. There were lots of leftover photos on my work table that I wanted to use to extend this challenge project into a special book for him. Please click on each photo below for more detail.

the blank pages before they were put together
Lady Randolf Churchill and the bird are printed on a clear transparency

The postcard image on the right is the Deming family home on Wolfe Island, Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada. It is still in the family and we visit it when we spend time on Wolfe Island. Lady Randolf looks as if she approves!

Steven's grandmother Evelyn, born on Wolfe Island in that house.
Steven's father, his aunts & his uncle (father's twin brother). Aunt Lee is the Aunt celebrating her birthday this month; the rest of her siblings pictured here have passed on.
Some of the Deming family on the left, and Steven's father on the right, 1930's.
Steven's father and mother on Wolfe Island, 1960's - The old dock
Steven's grandmother as a young woman, and right, his grandfather and cousin Gail.

Steven's favorite truck - his 1965 Chevy.  I had to end the book for him with this!
the back cover - mary's challenge image of the check
When all the images were glued in place, I used my sewing machine to stitch all of the pages together down the middle of the spine, in the middle of the book. I added a bit of tacky glue to make sure the stitches were strong and then covered the glue with small strips of paper. I also added a a little direct-to-paper with ColorBox inks on the pages. I think perhaps this little book should be titled, "Lady Randolf Churchill of London, England meets the Edward A. Deming family of West Hartford, CT and Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada!" Thanks, Mary!!

prayers for peace banner project

WolfeIsland09Steve-103A, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
I am participating in a cooperative project involving 18 artists from around the globe, hosted by Carol Murphy of Altered by design.com. The photo above shows me painting the fabric for my banners. Each artist in the collaboration is creating 18 flags/pennants to swap.

Here are the specs: Originals only. The size will be 9 inches at the top widest point and 12 inches long, with the top inch turned under, hemmed and ready to be hung by a rod or ribbon. Carol noted that fabric or paper could be used to create the banners and that adding dimension and texture would be welcome. We were also requested to write a short paragraph on how we chose our peace topic, colors, and what peace means to us at this moment in time. . . Carol said, "These peace flags are merely an artistic expression touching the lives of 20 different people from different backgrounds, with different calls to peace."

Above is one of my finished banners. The are all similar, yet different, which is a typical way that I work, especially when I have multiples to do. To make my flags for the prayers for peace project, I started with a large length of plain unbleached muslin. I wanted to hand paint the fabric for the banners myself, as it is the process of art making that very often brings me peace. I envisioned a colorful, multi-colored hand dyed piece of fabric for my flags, reminiscent of the days of tie dye, peace and love : ) wet fabric drying on the line!

I was vacationing on Wolfe Island in Ontario, Canada while I worked on this; planning for it in advance and bringing my supplies with me. While there, I decided the front lawn of the cottage in front of the huge St. Lawrence River would be the best place to do this, since this would be messy. I spread freezer paper (coated) on the grass and laid the length of muslin on top of it, using rocks to keep the fabric from blowing away. It was a very windy day! The first thing I did was wet the fabric with a water mister to help the paint to spread more easily. Then I used lighter colors of paint; also spraying them and dripping paints onto the damp fabric and then adding more water with a spray mister to blend. My paints were mostly Dye-na-flow by Jacquard, with a few acrylics including Lumiere added in for its shimmer. Sometimes I used a sponge filled with paint or my fingers to spread and blend the paint.

I was working with a large piece of fabric – about 3 or 4 yards, so I continued layering colors of paint on to get rid of all or most of the white space. At times, I even poured water directly on the fabric with a watering can! Steven took a video of me doing this which I hope we can convert to a mpeg file and share online sometime soon. The water I used helped to migrate and blend the paints on the fabric, at least I think so! After working for a couple of hours, I took a break for lunch (washing my really messy hands first!!). Then I came back and re-wet the fabric, adding more layers of paint colors by pouring, spritzing, and sponging more vibrant colors until I felt the whole piece of fabric was balanced. Even though I would be cutting this larger piece of fabric into many banners/flags, I wanted a good distribution of color throughout.
I hand lettered the words onto each banner after cutting them out, using a permanent marker. After much thought and months of keeping this project in the back of my mind, I decided “peace begins within you” describes what peace means to me. Creating outside in front of the river also had me thinking of (and singing!) a song from my many summers at Camp Woodstock in Woodstock Valley CT. . .

Peace Of The River

Peace, I ask of thee, old river
Peace, peace, peace
When I learn to live serenely
Cares will cease
From the hills I gather courage
Visions of a day to be
Strength to lead and faith to follow
All are given unto me
Peace, I ask of thee, old river. . .

Many thanks to Carol Murphy for organizing – I would have never taken on such a large project if not for this collaboration! If you would like to see ALL of the photos Steven & I took for this project, just click on this link for the banner set I have on my flickr account, and enjoy! lenna young andrews, July 30, 2009.

Asia and Chloe say "we are ready!"

One of my favorite photos from our visit to Wolfe Island in Ontario, Canada -July 2009. This is the 2 person (and 2 dog!) Peterborough canoe -a hand made cedar strip canoe made by my father. In this photo we're about to take off on the St. Lawrence River in front of the Deming Cottage on Wolfe Island. Both Asia and Chloe have no fear of boating and jump right in and in fact whine and cry if Steven wants to go solo! My dad made the beautiful paddles and hand caned the seats as well - view the making of these boats HERE.

If you are so inclined to see the many, many photos Steven and I took during our 12 days there this year, the easiest way is this flickr slideshow --just click on that link and then click “show info” on the top of the screen if you want to see my comments and descriptions! enjoy! Lenna Young Andrews, July 27th, 2009

paper/fabric quilt square for patti digh

We are back home after 12 lovely days on Wolfe Island and I am busy sorting though and resizing my photos. We took so many pictures, plus I created a lot of art while there. It is hard to know where to start! As always my best course of action is to dive in and start somewhere . . .
like right here! Before we left for Canada I saw this post on Patti Digh's blog: All I want for my birthday is a paper quilt. This certainly appealed to me and I made sure I printed out the specs:
Let's make a paper quilt, you and I. Get a 4x6-inch index card, or cut a piece of card stock paper that size, and make a wee piece of art on it for me. Whatever you'd like. Play! Perhaps in response to 37days or Life is a Verb, a message to me or to the universe, whatever makes you happy . . . A collage, a painting, a puzzle, fabric, a poem, a photograph, anything!

I copied the mailing address too and brought it along with me, just in case. All 4x6 pieces for a paper quit commemorating Patti Digh's 50th birthday are due to her by August 10th. Jump on this project, if you have the chance! Here's what I created-click for more detail:

I took fabric I hand painted while on the island, cut a piece of watercolor paper 4"x 6" and glued the same size swatch of fabric on top with a light coat of tacky glue. I cut the fabric a little bigger than the paper so I could fringe the edges. Then I took a favorite mantra from Patti's Book, Life is a verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally. I hand wrote this quote onto my fabric with a bright green gel pen and hand drew the stitches on. Simple, but meaningful to me and I think it will be meaningful to Patti too. I finished the piece by signing the back as requested and doing a bit of Mail Art for Patti on the envelope to brighten up her birthday mailbox. I have enjoyed her book and her blog and wanted to give something back! : ) lenna young andrews July 26th, 2009

from the widows walk . . .

from the widows walk, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Taken in 2008 by Tina (my son decklin's girlfriend), from the widows walk on top of the 'Big House' where Steven's grandmother was born! ~Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada. We'll leave on Sunday 7/12/09 for two glorious weeks here! I won't be bringing a computer, so I will just check in at the library a few times . . . . instead, lots of reading, sailing and canoing the boats my dad made, family time, walks with dogs, lots of art time for me -heaven! I have a few more art things to post before I go, but wanted to share this now . . . . that is the St. Lawrence River, which is 3 miles wide there - looking at Kingston, Ontario across the way. Wolfe Island is the largest of the Thousand Islands and is located at the mouth of Lake Ontario. One of the most beautiful places I have had to good fortune to visit!