I wanted to share a "Letter Journal" I collaborated on with my dear friend, Sharon Borsavage. A letter Journal is described as: "An envelope sized, hand made journal (little paper booklet) that gets sent around a small group, while people add art to it." -Jade Herrimancheck out her link for more on LJ's! They are small; about 4" wide by 8" tall. They fit into a business-size envelope to easily allow sending back & forth/collaborating in!

I love the format.

Sharon and I started this LJ exchange about a year ago. In typical fashion for us, we took our time and did not pressure each other on when to add to the booklet, just let it happen organically. In fact, we originally planned to do more layers/another round, but after procrastinating I finally realized I really did not want to add anymore to my journal because I was happy with it, as is! First I will share the letter journal that I created and sent to Sharon. She added to it and sent it back to me. There's more info if you click on photos, you can also scroll through them too.

I also have photos of Sharon's Letter Journal, as I took photos when she first sent it to me, before I collaborated in it . . . then, after I had added to Sharon's LJ, before I sent it back home to her, I took photos again.

I think Sharon is adding a bit more to her journal and I'll add a link to See them when she's Done! 

Thanks for looking At our Letter Journal. Collaborative art is one of my favorite things!

Sharon and I also collaborated on 2 Altered Books . . .

This Link will bring you to an album sharing both of our ART in Sharon's Altered Book. 

* The First Letter Journal I ever made (April 2016) is here on my blog!