Journal Quilt #2

Here is another mini journal quilt from my year long project to share with you ~ and believe me, if I did not have this self-imposed deadline of Monday night, I would not be producing these fabric pages! This quiltie uses images from ARTchix Studio - from 'That's Amore', 'Dazzling Doorways' and the 'Heart & Soul' collage sheets. Enjoy! I am going to copy & paste what I have printed on the back of this quiltie:
January 15, 2007: This is the second 6 x 6 square that I have completed for my mini journal quilt project. Again, I created this rather quickly; in about an hour and a half. I was under the wire again, with my own weekly deadline being exactly what pushed me to produce this fabric page. I would really like to start working on this earlier (this week) – we’ll see! So far I am basing my theme on something that has happened the past week . . . and last week we had a new roof put on! We just moved to this home this past summer and the roof was 22 years old and in need of replacement. The roofing went on seamlessly in the background while I walked in the woods with Asia and Steven most every day, went to Jazzercise, and uploaded lesson 2 of my mini quilt book to the Dyehard Surfacing classroom group and answered their questions. In only 3 days we had a new roof and 2 new skylights! When I went to create the quiltie, I added a romantic image, a heart and a door all from ARTchix Studio. The 'Home' image makes me think of Steven and our love. Lenna 1/15/07