Journal Quilt #3

My 3rd mini Journal Quilt. I plan to sew these altogether at the end of the year for a large wall piece. The back of this journal quilt is a piece of muslin printed with the following journal entry...
January 22, 2007: This is the third in a series of *mini* journal quilts that I have completed towards my year long fabric art journal project (click on the photo for more detail). I began this 6” x 6” piece by simply thinking about what happened this past week –it was easy! (to come up with an idea) I spent an evening doing gel medium image transfers both as tests for the online class I am currently teaching - The Mini ART quilt Book - and also for this journal project. When it came to actually putting the fabric square together I finished it very quickly, in less than an hour. This is fairly typical of how I do my artwork, but I felt like I created it almost ‘too quickly’, if that was possible? Steven and I talked about this, the length of time it takes to create a piece of art versus the value of it. Steven pointed out how I had actually spent a lot of time on this piece thinking about it and doing the transfers – he added that the square looked great and there was nothing wrong with working quickly!

This weeks’ mini journal square celebrates Chloe, the 2 year old dog we adopted from a shelter one week ago. She is a beautiful and gentle Terrier-mix that we got as a companion for our dog Asia - but we are falling in love with Chloe ourselves! Asia & Chloe are good friends already. For this journal square I did a gel medium image transfer- a photo of Chloe & Asia together on the couch and then sewed it onto the base fabric. The pink strip running across the bottom of the image transfer is some fun ‘Shakespeare’ cloth ART Tape from Alpha Stamps. To finish this I added free-style swirly sewing around the image . . . Steven says that’s his favorite part of this piece because he loves how it directs his eye. Enjoy! Lenna