Journal Quilt #4

My fourth mini Journal Quilt - click on the photo for a larger picture. It is hard to believe I have created 4 of these already! It is not hard to do, and the weekly deadline I made for myself is what keeps me creating them. I always THINK about the journal quilts during the week, and then sometime on Monday the actual quilties come spilling out. I would like to start one earlier in the week sometimes, but maybe that is just not the way I work! The back of the quiltie has my journal entry printed on muslin; I attach my fabric to a piece of lightweight cardstock and then run it through my Epson printer. I write my entry in a MS Word document, and then print it directly onto the fabric. This week's entry is below.

January 29, 2007:
This is the fourth in a series of *mini* journal quilts that I am adding to my year long fabric journal project. This 6” x 6” quiltie reflects a visit we enjoyed recently with our friends Garth and Nora. Steven and I have known Garth since we were about 15 years old . . . . In fact, Garth is why and how Steven & I met each other in the first place, way back then! Garth and I went to the same summer camp and Steven and Garth went to High School together. We have known his wife Nora and been friends with her for almost just as long.
My mini journal quilt this week features gel medium transfers of photos from a walk we took when Garth & Nora came to visit this past weekend. The past few weeks I have been teaching gel medium transfers to my students in my Mini Art Quilt Book class and enjoying some of the results I have tried myself - image transfers can be very tricky. The two gel medium transfers on this small quiltie are the photos, ink jet printed with my Epson Stylus C88 onto transparency film and transferred to fabric with Golden Gel Medium. The transfers I have done from transparencies have been the ones I enjoyed the results of the most lately. It has been very cold here in CT – the transfer in the top left corner is a photo I took of some leaves frozen in the ice. Brrrrr! Stay warm, Lenna