Journal Quilt #5

This is the entry I wrote to go along with my mini journal quilt. I printed it onto fabric with my Epson printer and it makes the back of the piece! See other earlier examples below. Click on the photo for a larger, more detailed photo.

February 05, 2007:

Here is the fifth in my series of *mini* journal quilts – part of a year long fabric journal project I’m doing. When thinking about this week’s quiltie I could not help but think of the recent SNOW and cold weather we’ve had lately. Steven & I take a walk with Chloe and Asia almost every afternoon, both for us and for them! We walk on trails that meander through the woods at Huckleberry Hill Recreational Area in Avon, CT where we live. It has been a fairly mild winter around here until now. Most recently we have been bundling up with fleece necklets, hats and gloves to walk under pine trees covered in snow. After our walks, you will often find all of us sometime later that evening bundled up under a blanket watching a movie or reading – well, Chloe & Asia are usually sleeping instead of reading!

I created this 6” x 6” quiltie with an image transfer of a photo of us I first printed on my Epson printer. I reversed the image onto a transparency & then used gel medium to transfer it to fabric. I chose white fabric to represent the snow and added a few Angelina fibers and some prisma glitter to further that idea. I also used cheesecloth throughout and I stamped an evergreen bough onto white fabric with green VersaCraft ink. The ‘blanket’ is an extra bit of leftover material my mom knit for a vest she discarded and gave to me. Part of it I bound the edges of & we really use as a cozy blanket!! Lenna : ^ ) - The actual photo is posted on the bottom of this blog page . . . scroll down to the footer!