Journal Quilt # 6

This was really fun to create!! You can see this larger by clicking on the photo. Yes, the sticks are real! My journal entry was printed directly on the fabric, then used it as the back of the piece:
February 12, 2007:

This is Number 6 in my series of *mini* journal quilts! It has been SO cold here in CT this past week that Steven & I have been making a fire in the fireplace almost every evening. It really helps to ward the chill off and is so enjoyable. We do have to gather sticks for kindling because the wood we recently bought just isn’t quite dry enough, but Chloe & Asia help!

I created this journal quilt with fabric scraps and some of the little sticks we use, I just couldn’t help it. You might recognize the flames as the background fabric for Journal Quilt #1. I added the ‘fire’ with a bit of sewing and also some tacky glue. The heart is a rubber stamp image and I added a few word stamps, all with Fabrico/VersaCraft ink. I spend more time thinking about these mini journal quilts than I do making them, but the process itself is a good one!

I created this journal entry on my computer and then printed it out onto fabric with my Epson Printer. Enjoy! Lenna