Journal Quilt #10

Click on the photo for more detail -I wrote the following Journal entry, printed it on fabric and attached it to the back:

March 11, 2007:

* Journal Quilt Number 10 *
This week I am a day early with my journal quilt – what’s up with that? I am usually NEVER early! I wonder if it has anything to do with Daylight Savings being early???

This week it was extremely COLD – in the single digits in the beginning of the week. We were so happy to feel the temp go up to 45 degrees today. But no matter what the weather is like we almost always take a walk with Asia and Chloe at Huckleberry Hill in Avon – sometimes lovingly called ‘Asia-berry’ Hill - everyday. Asia loves to walk on the trails on the hill and lets us know by ‘talking’ to us about how much she loves it on the way there! So we still have snow, but today it was melting. Ferns under the snow were still green and lots of moss was visible. I had fun taking pictures of the snow melting with last years leaves peaking through, of Chloe and Asia romping and of Steven walking through the crunching snow avoiding the puddles. Today, it wasn’t so freezing cold, and we weren’t sliding on the ice so much. There was hope for spring!

My Journal quilt is done on a piece of cast-off jeans that used to be Steven’s. I printed the larger photo of the tree stump & snow around it directly onto a piece of muslin. The image of Asia and the image of Steven walking are gel medium image transfers. I also used Angelina fibers, mini star brads, a glass pebble and Asia’s old dog tag! I machine sewed for interest. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do creating them! : ) Lenna