Journal Quilt #9

Here is Journal Quilt #9!!
Click on the photo for more detail.

I wrote the following Journal entry, printed it on fabric and attached it to the back . . . .

March 6, 2007:

* Journal Quilt Number 9 *
I have to admit I am a day late with this mini journal quilt, oh my! I figure a day late is better than not at all. Yesterday was Steven’s birthday. When I got out of work I got busy making him a cake. I actually almost forgot my Monday night deadline!

The theme of this week’s journal quilt is ART! Last week Steven and I went to the West Hartford Art League to see our 2 pieces that made it into their Juried show . . . . I also met an online art friend, Carla Kurt, for the first time when we found out we lived near each other and we enjoyed sharing our art over coffee . . . . then I showed my art to my boss at the Flatbread Company and he bought one of my collages when I was not even asking! I think all this must be destiny??

What I did for this journal quilt was several gel medium image transfers from photos. The collage on the top right is the one I sold to Flatbread, on the bottom right is the collage I have in the ART League show, and bottom left is Steven with our collaborative piece that is in the show – enjoy!!!!!!