Sue's Letter Journal

detail of my adition

05/06/2016 -Working in Letter Journals (business envelope size, handmade paper pamphlets) is my favorite activity as of late! I have been joking to the group that I have been bitten by the Letter Journal bug! I Find it very satisfying to create these little art books and work in others  . . .This is a Round Robin type of activity. Here is what I did in Sue Maher's Letter journal with some "before" photos too! 

Sue's Letter Journal was delivered in a beautiful envelope from Marilyn Wadick in Australia, who worked in Sue's journal before me . . . 

Marilyn's Envelope

Below is how it looked when it came to me . . . there are more pages, but here are a few!

How I added to it . . . 

After I added to the LJ

I started by doodling at the bottom & top, then later added color with colored pencils -aqua pencils which get bolder when you brush the color with water. I also smeared Lumiere paint over the recycled calendar page on the right. I used a white GellyRoll pen to accent. Then I popped the journal in an envelope to Barbara, who will add her art and sent it home to Sue in Australia!! Yes, we are part of an International crowd :0)

Mail ART for Barbara! 

Hope you are enjoying these posts. There will be more to come . . .  I also finished iHannas' DIY Postcard swap and hope to find time to post about that soon. I loved doing it and sending them out. Right now we are soon to be enjoying Boats, Boats & more Boats - at the 32nd Annual Small Boat Meet in Cedar Key. Till next time!  Lenna 

Creativity takes a leap - then looks to see where it is.
— Mason Cooley