A new painting

We have been moving furniture around so I could easily make more use of our dining room table . . . for art! When we swapped rooms there ended up being a big empty space above the TV. None of our other artwork seemed right for this space, so I told Steve I needed to purchase a long rectangular canvas to go above it. I don't know what possessed me, but I just felt like painting it myself. Here's a few pictures . . . 

Fran's Map Theme Letter Journal

Lots of Letter Journals are coming & going it seems! This post is about Fran Halperin's Letter Journal that I worked collaboratively in with Barbara Hauenstein & Fran. There are 3 more people in our mailing group who will receive Fran's LJ and work in it before it returns home to her :0)

Tessa's Letter Journal ❤

A detail of a page spread I did in Tessa's Journal - It really is engaging for me to be involved in collaborative artwork again. I like getting sparks of ideas from the other artists' work and then jumping in and playing with the ideas. Here is a really interesting fold out spread in Tessa's Letter Journal that arrived in my mailbox on 5/16/2016. This is all Tessa's work, in her journal below . . .

Barbara's map journal

My additions to Barbara's Letter Journal! I am participating in 4 Letter Journal mailing groups now, all at different stages. I wonder if one day I might find a stack of envelopes in my mailbox, giving me lots of letter journals to work in! The most recent one I got belongs to Barbara Hauenstein, from the group I organized of 6 participants. 

Marilyn's Letter Journal

My art with Marilyn's art - in her Letter Journal, April 26, 2016. Part of the Letter Journal exchange is working in other artist's journals as they are mailed to you. All the journals in the group are mailed in a round robin fashion, so at the end of the exchange you receive your journal mailed back to you with all of the participants art inside. In late April, I received Marilyn Wadick's Letter Journal all the way from Australia!

Collage in Altered Books

Detail of one of the pages I've been working on . . . I've been continuing to work in a couple of Altered books under the guidance of Tammy Garcia and her "Novel Approach" online workshop. I really like how she has presented the course, building skills & inspiring ideas as we go. Plus, I love the fact that it is truly, a work-at-your-own pace class . . .