redesigning my web site

From The Art of Collage with Randel Plowman, summer 2014

From The Art of Collage with Randel Plowman, summer 2014

Wow! I have been wanting to do this for quite some time. My son Decklin who turned 33 this year, originally created my website when he was just 14 years old, yes - I said 14! The site did go through a few updates during those 19 years and I even changed domains  in 2004 from to Since that time I've been updating the site myself, but could not deal with the old front page platform it was based on any more. The updates were difficult to do and the site content itself was very outdated. 

So here we are, with a brand new squarespace website I'm excited about. I think it will help me to stay updated a lot more easily and feel proud of what I see on my site. I hope you enjoy it! I know I will! : 0) lenna

I've been to Scotland!

I've been to Scotland to visit my dear friend Frieda Oxenham, Art Quilter!

I will have more to add later, but wanted to share this one photo of the beautiful Talla Reservoir in the Scottish Borders. Frieda and her husband John took me here on Sunday 9/21/14. Visit Frieda's blog for more of our adventures Sept 15-22. We really had such a lovely time together!!! My travel journal on blipfoto begins on September 13th when I started my journey in Boston with my two sons and their wives. Start with this entry then mouse over the right side of the photo and click on the arrow to go to the next calendar day :))